Our Story

We are Josh & Nicole. We have been living in Lviv Ukraine for eight Years

We have three Awesome Kids: Nora (age 9), Titus (age 6), and Luke (Age 3)

Since 2014, we’ve worked in L’viv with New Horizons, a local organization and church that

volunteers in the community. We’ve mentored people from the church, fed and developed

relationships with patients at a local psychiatric hospital, taught English, led a blood drive for the

city, and sent humanitarian aid to chaplains and civilians who’ve been living in combat zones in

Ukraine’s east for the past 8 years.

On February 24, 2022 we had to evacuate the country due to the full scale invasion by Russia. It

took us twenty one hours to cross the border and thirty six hours total in our vehicle to reach our

destination in Krakow Poland. As we sat in line with millions of other people we were moved with

compassion and knew we had to help. Over the next six months we evacuated families from the

Ukraine using our van, driving supplies to the border and into the country, Providing trauma

support at shelters near our location in Krakow. Moving forward we will continue to asses the

situation in Ukraine and if it is stable enough we will be move our family back to Ukraine. Until

that time we will continue to be stationed in Poland helping Ukraine win this war by making sure

their families who have evacuated the country area being taken care of. We will also continue to

partner with New Horizons Ukraine. With them we have a goal to repair 30 homes before winter

sets in. 

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For discipleship relationships to grow in trust and commitment

For service opportunities in the psychiatric hospital and community

For peace in Ukraine and service to refugees from the east

For our children to know the love of Christ themselves


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