Moving forward…and getting oh so close!!

We’re happy to announce that we now have tickets to fly out to Ukraine on December 4! It’s both exciting and a little nerve-wracking to finally have a departure date, but we know the Lord will work all the details out in His perfect timing. Time is flying by, and as any of you know who have moved before, it seems the “to-do” list just gets longer and longer!  We want to give you a brief update on what we’ve been doing the past couple months.

Sharing with the Body of Believers:

Horizon Northeast Indianapolis
Horizon Northeast Indianapolis

Thank you to those of you who have invited us to share with your fellowship! We were privileged to speak at our sending church, Horizon Northeast Indianapolis, which was an encouraging day of confirmation for our family. Many of you who attend Horizon have known for years about our burden for Ukraine, and we felt that you are right there with us, excited to see this finally coming to fruition!

Horizon Westfield also invited us out, and their church is a continual blessing in their support for us in so many ways. You all truly make us feel loved, and we thank you!! We look forward to staying connected with the brothers and sisters there.

horizon westfield

God has opened doors to speak at several other churches in the coming weeks, and we are hoping to continue setting up visits. If your church is interested in having us speak, please let us know!

It was also exciting to attend the 2014 Midwest Pastors’ Conference in mid-October. Josh was able to be there all three days and enjoy the fabulous teachings, worship, and times of fellowship with family in Christ from all over the Midwest. Nicole and Nora made it for one day until a sleepy Nora needed to get home to her own bed! While at the Conference, we were able to set up a display table and speak on a Christian radio station about the work we’ll be doing in Ukraine.

Midwest Pastors' Conference
Midwest Pastors’ Conference

Garage sale and Getting Ready to Rent the House:

Our living space in Ukraine will likely be much smaller than our home here, and it’s expensive to ship items over there. Because of this, we had a garage sale two weeks in a row to sell quite a bit of our household goods, clothing, and furniture. The garage sale went well, despite some cold and rainy weather, and we’re thankful that God is providing some finances through the sale of some of our things. Many, many thanks to those of you who lent us tables, helped us set up, tear down, and man the sale, and came by to support us!

We’ve also been busy finishing up many last minute projects on our house to get it “rental ready:” mudding, painting, completing some electric work, and more. Josh and Nicole were up one night this week at 10:30 painting, reminiscing about the MANY paint jobs we’ve given the house and expressing how thankful we will be to have that last coat finished! We’re extremely grateful to those of you who have helped work on this major “fixer-upper” over the last seven years since Josh bought it!

We also signed with a property management company this month, which will make it much easier and efficient to manage a rental property from so far away. Please pray that the inspection goes well, marketing is successful and that we get a reliable, responsible renter in here quickly!

Prayer Requests and Needs:

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and support! Below is a list of current prayer requests and needs:

  • Leading of the Holy Spirit: there are so many technical details involved in this move, and we desire that our every decision would be Spirit-led and not mechanical.
  • Visa invitation letters!! We are waiting for our invitation letters so that we can apply for our visas. Please pray that they arrive ASAP and that our visa applications are processed quickly.
  • The house: please pray for a good inspection and the quick location of exactly the renter God has in mind.
  • Visiting churches: we’d like to share with more churches and Bible studies as God leads.
  • Storage space: we’re hanging onto some family keepsakes, some household items we can’t ship, and a few pieces of furniture. We’re looking for someplace to store!
  • Support: that God would continue to bring in financial support according to His will.

Thank you all!

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