10 Days and Counting

December 4 is right around the corner – ten days around the corner, to be exact!We fly out from Indianapolis that day and will arrive in L’viv, Ukraine on December 5. We’re excited to look ahead and anticipate what God is going to do in the very near future!

Our house is now almost completely empty as I write this, sitting at the dining room table that is one of just four pieces of furniture left in our home! We’re so thankful to our friends and family who have graciously allowed us to store some keepsakes in their basements and homes and to our precious neighbors, who have furnished our kitchen so that I can continue to cook while we pack up or get rid of all our dishes and cookware!

IMG_2370 IMG_2372

The past month has been extremely busy with packing, moving furniture, selling more household things, fellowshipping with churches, and visiting with many loved ones before we leave. Thank you to Clearview Baptist Church in Bedford, Calvary Chapel Fellowship in Greencastle, and Calvary Chapel in Bloomington for having us out to share at each of your churches and for blessing us with your support! It’s been such a privilege to meet new brothers and sisters and visit with friends from of old in each of these places. We’re also very thankful to Calvary Chapel Fellowship of Stroh for their partnership in this work!

Packing, packing and more packing…As of this moment, nearly everything we are taking with us, besides our winter clothes, are in the hands of a shipping company that will send our five boxes and Nora’s crib over to Ukraine. Josh and a good friend drove up to Michigan today to drop off these items-we’re thankful for a company that has good prices on shipping to Ukraine. We’ll spend the next week and a half packing up the rest of our clothes and anything else we’re taking on the plane with us, in addition to shopping for all those last minute items, celebrating Thanksgiving with family, and giving our house one last, good cleaning.

HUGE praise report-drum roll please….we have our visas!!! As we mentioned in previous posts, we were a little worried that our passports were still up in Chicago at the Ukrainian consulate, waiting for our visas to be processed. God graciously answered all of our and your prayers, and our passports were returned this week, visas included! We had a bit of a laugh when Josh called the consulate early this week to ask for an update. When they answered the phone, Josh simply said, “This is Josh Baldonado calling for an update on my visa application.” He was cut off, heard a short conversation in the background in Ukrainian, and then a man answered, “Yes, we will send on Thursday” and click, he hung up. We’re pretty sure that the lack of questioning or request for more information from Josh most likely means that ours were the ONLY visa applications being processed at the time!

It seems that God has so beautifully laid into place so many pieces with this move, and we’re so thankful for His goodness. The last major piece in this puzzle (at least in the leaving portion of it) is that our house would rent. Please be in prayer that God would provide a renter quickly, one who will take good care of the house and be good neighbors for our friends who live next door.

IMG_1137 (1)

We’d like to thank each one of you for your continued prayers and support. This time is full of so many emotions, and we will miss you, Friends and Family here in the States! Please let us know if there are ways that we can pray for you, as well! Please see below for a list of praise reports and prayer requests:

Praise God:

  • for getting our visas processed and passports returned
  • for His continued provision in unexpected ways
  • for wonderful friends, family and churches who are supporting us and helping in so many ways

Please pray:

  • for continued provision
  • for a renter for our house
  • for safe travels
  • for Nora, that she would adjust well and feel secure and loved, despite all the changes in her world right now
  • for us to have patience and give stress over to the Lord
  • that God would open doors for the work He wants us to do when we arrive in L’viv

Thank you, dear Friends!



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