25,000 Miles in Four Months


Yes, we actually traveled over 25,000 miles in under four months!!!

By comparison, the circumference of the earth is 24,901 miles.

Our family just ended a missionary furlough in the States.

We had three and a half months of near insanity, travel, many hellos and many goodbyes. The time was sweet and full. We visited dear friends, family members, and churches. My husband worked hard on fundraising. We took care of doctors’ appointments and my husband’s cancer treatment. We attended family reunions, birthday parties, a family wedding, and so much more.

This was our first visit to the U.S. in two and a half years. Can you imagine trying to make up for over two years worth of visits in just a few months? I wrote before that missionary furlough is not vacation. Why? Because we have a tight schedule and about a gazillion things to accomplish in a very short time!

We decided to clearly illustrate the chaos of furlough by sharing our three and a half months in numbers. Check out what we managed to cram into just 115 days! And keep in mind that we did all this with a four-year-old and a baby under two years old.

Our Furlough in Numbers

Miles driven: 9,590 (15,433 kilometers)
Miles flown: 15,442 (24,851 kilometers)
Number of flights: 13
Number of airports: 11
States we visited: 7
States we passed through: 5
Churches visited: 13
Number of places we stayed in: 17
One on one or small group ministry meetings: 49
Personal visits (catching up with family and friends): 98
Earliest morning: 3:55 AM
Latest night: 2:00 AM
Longest stretch without sleep: 24 hours
Longest travel time (our trip home): 28.5 hours from door to door
Radio interviews: 2
Car accidents: 2
Blog posts published: 16
Doctors’ appointments: 11
Thank-you notes written: 76
Cars driven: 9
Conferences attended: 2

Interested in more about missionary furlough?

Check out these posts:

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Sixteen “Homes” in Three Months – We actually stayed in seventeen different places! This is a thank you to our hosts, but I also explain some of the factors we have to consider when we’re moving around all the time.

I’m not as brave as you think. – A post of transparency about how we deal and sometimes don’t deal with the realities of furlough and missionary life in general.

And now back onto the field!

Thank you to each person who went with us on this furlough journey.

Thank you to those who are sending us back onto the field. For the emotional support. The financial partnership. The prayers and all the loving on us.

We could not do this work without you!



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