Dear Daughter, You Don’t Have To Be a Wife and Mama

As a Christian woman who led a fulfilled and joyful single life for many years, I’m passionate about teaching my daughter that God’s greatest purpose for her is NOT marriage, even if she desires that and one day starts a family.

Here’s a piece I wrote on this topic for the site Her View From Home.


Baby girl,

You won’t read this for years. As I write, you’re carefree, and four, and dancing in your frilliest dress. You dream about princesses and fairy tales. A few weeks ago, you told me you’re waiting for your prince.

When I ask you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” you always reply, “I want to marry my brother and be a mama.” I keep telling you you’ll change your mind about your brother. But you might still dream about getting married and having babies. I did.

I love your papa more every day, and I’m privileged to be his wife. You and your brother are woven into the fibers of my heart forever. God answered my prayers when He gave me each of you.

Check out the rest of the piece here

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