We serve as missionaries in L’viv, Ukraine, with an evangelical church called New Horizons. We’re a young church in a college town, and most of the people involved are in their twenties.

The church holds regular Sunday services, home fellowships, women’s meetings and youth group. We also engage in outreaches in our city and the rest of Ukraine. We’ve been involved in multiple projects to support civilians and soldiers near the war front in eastern Ukraine. Locally, we participate in various ministries to children, the elderly, and to our community in general. If you would like to learn more about New Horizons, please visit their website.

As a family, we feel that our primary calling in L’viv is to support New Horizons and Mike and Michelle Pratt, the pastor and his wife (Nicole’s parents). Some specific areas of ministry we are involved in are church administration, pastoral support, community outreach and discipleship, especially of young couples in the church.


Josh has always felt that he is gifted as a “hole-filler” – he loves to meet needs where they are unmet. This makes Church Administrator a perfect fit for his calling in Ukraine. He does a “little bit of everything,” taking part in church staff projects and helping with overall vision planning. He’s also passionate about pastoral support and pouring into people’s lives on practical and spiritual matters.


Josh also helps to oversee the church’s sound ministry, working closely with two sound technicians and training others to participate. In addition to running sound for some of our weekly services, he provides training in this area, as well as support in technical problem-solving and equipment set up for the church.

He’s also responsible for the “words” ministry: the people who make sure there are song lyrics on the screens during worship. We are excited about this area of ministry, because we feel it’s a place where new people can be involved and those who are young in faith can contribute and be discipled at the same time.

Arthur and Josh, Words and Sound Ministries
Members of the Worship and Sound Ministries


Nicole’s primary ministry continues to be as a wife and mama, but she is also involved in several church ministries.

She meets regularly with girls and young women from the church, to develop relationships and provide support. She has a heart to listen to, encourage, challenge and simply love these women, and she is continually blessed by how much she receives from each of them, as well. Growing up as a missionary kid herself, Nicole remembers how the Lord used her stay-at-home mom to be a living example of a Christian wife and mom, and she now hopes that girls coming into our home find that same example, by God’s grace!


God has also given Nicole a vision for a community building ministry, which we officially launched in the fall of 2017. She and another young woman from the church, Nastia, started by assessing our city’s needs to determine which populations are most underserved. After praying about their findings, they’re developing projects to help meet those needs.

The first opportunity we have is to organize a city blood drive, in conjunction with a local hospital. That drive will be held in early June, 2018. Nicole and Nastia are also praying about other humanitarian aid projects and ministry to the homeless population.

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