New Horizons is a young church in a college town. Most members are university students in their twenties, although we had a boom of weddings and births in 2018.

The vision for New Horizons is to disciple people, so their lives are transformed and they grow into spiritual maturity. Only God’s grace and Christ’s redemption accomplish this vision, but we continually seek His direction in our part of the process.

We meet for Sunday services and home groups to pour in: teaching people about abiding in Christ through the Bible, prayer, worship and intentionally slowing down to be with Jesus.

We pour out to our community to share God’s love. Locally, we visit patients at a hospital for people with mental illnesses. We also support civilians and soldiers near the war front in eastern Ukraine.

As a family, our primary calling is to support Mike and Michelle Pratt, New Horizons’ pastor and his wife (Nicole’s parents). How does that look practically? Read on to find out…



Josh is a self-proclaimed “hole-filler” – he loves to meet needs where they are unmet. This makes Church Administrator a perfect fit for him in Ukraine. He does a “little bit of everything,” handling the day-to-day functions of the church.

Josh participates in vision-planning and is a “sounding board” for our pastor. He loves building relationships and supports the various ministry leaders, making sure they have what they need to serve. He also runs the sound ministry.

Josh worked in the business world before missions. He is passionate about discipling men to walk with Christ in everyday life – at home, at work, and at church.

Members of the Worship and Sound Ministries


Nicole is discipling our three kids. We believe the most important work she can do right now is intentionally lead our children to Jesus.

Although her focus is our kids, Nicole invites other women to grow along with her spiritually. Through visits in our home, phone calls and text messages, she shares how God is working in our lives and encourages other women to share the same. In 2019, Nicole is asking God to teach her to pray more consistently for other women.

Nicole also helps at church where she can. She develops materials for discipleship and works on vision planning.


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